Executive Condominium Singapore

Executive Condominium Singapore

The Appeal of Exec Condos in the Vicinity of Punggol - Singapore's Bustling Waterfront Area

My first visit to the river District inside my stay in great britain was a unforgettable one. I remember sipping a cup of joe in my minor apartment that will overlooked the lake and getting enthralled from the rustic bracelets of mother nature that distributed before my personal very eyes. What followed sembawang ec subsequent was a touch of despondence, for the lush greeneries and also waters had been something that I could not enter my much loved home country, Singapore.

Now, fast-forward Five years, and you could imagine my exhilaration when the Singapore federal government announced your rejuvenation of Punggol as the Oceanfront Town of the 21st Century.

Punggol as the Waterfront Area of the Modern

Historically a fishing village and a sleepy property in current decades, Punggol is now enjoying a radical transformation directly into an exciting beachfront town.

The hub of its advancement is a Four.2 kilometers long stream that embodies three important design elements: Eco-friendly, Water and individuals. This impressive stretch involving waterway consists a wide array of actions and facilities - coming from recreational for you to educational - all related together from the natural panorama of oceans and rich greeneries. It is no wonder the reason why Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described the particular waterway like a "green lung in the middle of our limited city".

Make no mistake, Punggol is just not all almost undulating landscaped hillsides and glowing blue waters. Through 2015, there will be a new commercial link and area plaza located right at the MRT place, and the town is poised to be as huge as Ang Mo Kio (the immensely common mature est in Singapore).

My spouse and i strongly feel that these are appropriate reasons to create an early investment in Punggol while the possibility is still there.

The actual Lure regarding Executive Condominiums

I hear you ask -- is the possiblity to invest still there? Yes, and yes it lies in the manager Condominiums, fondly referred to as 'ECs'.

ECs are in public homes in Singapore however fully developed and also sold simply by private designers. This is a federal government initiative that caters to property owners who are ineligible for the cheaper HDB houses but cannot afford prices of personal property.

Therefore, ECs are always offered by a much reduce quantum (typically priced 20-25% reduce) as compared to an individual condo sticking with the same facilities, therefore making the first sort much more affordable.

In addition, serious EC 1st time clients who are eligible to the government property grants (CPF give) can enjoy a new subsidy of up to SGD $30,000. This is dependent upon the mixed monthly earnings of the consumers. There is also simply no resale impose for Next time purchasers. To understand more about the actual eligibility, make sure you refer to the Housing Advancement Board's EC Eligibility.

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