Cyber Bullying

YOU. Be the change!

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying is similar to other types of bullying, except it takes place online and through text messages sent to cell phones. Cyberbullies can be classmates, online acquaintances, and even anonymous users, but most often they do know their victims (from National Crime Prevention Council on

Cyberbullying is a growing issue in our schools today. Here's a couple quick facts -->

- Approximately 43% of students have been bullied online.

- 9/10 middle schoolers have had their feelings hurt online.

- Girls are twice as likely as boys to be bullied online.

- 90% of victims will not tell a trusted adult or a parent something is going on.

- Cyber bullying can lead to hurtful feelings about self, depression, and sometimes, sadly, suicide.

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Be sure to watch what you say! It impacts people more than you may think.

Examples of Cyber Bullying

You may be thinking, "Okay, so I understand the concept. But what I'm doing this unintentionally?"

Here are some examples of what could be said -->

- Sarcastic remarks that could bring someone down

- "You're so ugly..."

- "You're a good for nothing..."

- "You could do a lot better"


- Anything that could be used to tear someone down is considered cyber bullying.


Cyber Bullying (supermac18)

Cyber Bullying Example

Here is a personal example of what cyber bullying can do to someone -->

Reporting Cyber Bullying

What do you do if you see cyber bullying happening? Report it!

Here's three easy steps to remember if you see cyber bullying -->

1. Don't respond or forward cyber bullying messages.

2. Keep evidence of the cyber bullying that has happened.

3. Block the person cyber bullying.

For more information on what to do if you see cyber bullying, click here -->

Be the Change!

YOU. Yes, you. Be the change!

- Stand up for people

- If you see someone being bullied, stand up

- Be a friend

- Watch what you say

- Have a listening ear

- Think before you speak

- REMEMBER. Your words impact more than you think

You can make a difference! You can be the change - be the one to take a stand against cyber bullies before something happens.

If you don't say something, how do you know someone will? You are the one who can make the change - don't wait for something else to do something!