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"The best teachers are those that tell you where to look but don't tell you what to see."

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Cover Letter

Anna Tran

51 Nichole Cres. ▪ Kitchener, Ontario ▪ N2E 2Z3

(519) 635-1998 ▪

March 22, 2015

Peel District School Board

5650 Hurontario Street

Mississauga, ON

L5R 1C6

Dear Human Resources:

Please accept the enclosed application for a teaching position within your school board. I am confident that my experiences in the classroom and my academic qualifications will be a valuable asset to the students in your schools.

The Peel District School Board has been at the forefront of educational reform and it is for this reason that I would like to be a part of this team. Education today looks very different from education 20 years ago and the Peel District School Board vision for 21st century teaching and learning very much aligns with my own. To ensure that our students can thrive and be successful in the future, they need to be given the right set of tools for learning and then apply that knowledge to the real world. During my practicum at Britannia Public School, I used this vision to guide my teaching of a Grade 4 geometry unit. I incorporated technology during instruction as well as providing the opportunity for my students to use virtual manipulatives to learn about angles. I also provided a variety of concrete manipulatives such as 3D figures for students to supplement their understanding of mathematical concepts while simultaneously fostering their natural instincts to explore through touch. As a final project, the students were able to apply their knowledge and design real world products such as jewellery and music players that incorporated learned concepts such as symmetry. This project taught that mathematics is found everywhere in the world and that it does not happen in isolation but can also be found integrated in other subjects such as literacy and art.

I feel that 21st century teaching and learning applies to more than just providing content knowledge but teaching the student as a whole. I am committed to providing a safe and positive classroom where diversity is celebrated. At Forest Glen Public School, I established a warm and considerate climate that allowed students to take risks and explore, and encouraged respectful and caring relationships. I believe every moment in the classroom is a teaching opportunity.

With my experience and academic background, I feel that I would be the perfect candidate for this position. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you. I can be reached at (519) 635-1998. Thank you for your consideration.


Anna Tran



University of Toronto ▪ Toronto, ON 2015 (Expected)

Masters of Teaching – Primary/Junior Division

Ø Major Research Paper: The Use of Mathematical Manipulatives

York University ▪ Toronto, ON 2012

Bachelors of Health Studies

Wilfrid Laurier University ▪ Waterloo, ON 2010

Bachelors of Arts – Biology & Psychology

Professional development

▪ Teaching Nutrition Workshop by Dairy Farmers of Canada 2015

▪ Full Day Kindergarten Workshop 2014

▪ Reading for the Love of It Conference 2014

▪ Environment Education Conference 2014

▪ TRIBES Certification 2013

Teaching Experience

Fallingbrook Middle School ▪ Mississauga, ON Feb-Mar 15

Grade 6 Teacher Candidate

Ø Conducted a review session through a trivia game about the Flight unit

Ø Participated in community circles

Ø Planned lessons regarding gender stereotypes to address issues in class

Forest Avenue Public School ▪ Mississauga, ON Oct-Nov 14

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Music Teacher Candidate

Ø Designed two mini-inquiry centres about medieval times and volcanoes

Ø Encouraged positive behaviours through various classroom management strategies

Ø Implemented inclusive, interactive and developmentally appropriate music lessons

Britannia Public School ▪ Mississauga, ON Feb-Mar 14

Grade 4 Teacher Candidate

Ø Created meaningful and engaging lessons in mathematics and language units

Ø Demonstrated the ability to accommodate for exceptional students and ELL’s

Ø Used co-operative learning strategies to ensure full participation of students

Forest Glen Public School ▪ Mississauga, ON Oct-Nov 13

Kindergarten Teacher Candidate

Ø Utilized various assessment strategies to track student learning progress

Ø Incorporated a variety of concrete materials and hands-on activities during instruction to engage students

Ø Encouraged respectful and caring relationships between students

Related teaching Experience

Tutoring ▪ Waterloo, ON Oct 12 - Present

Tutor in Biology/Math/Language Arts

Ø Construct lesson plans according to students particular learning style i.e. visual learner vs. kinesthetic learner

Ø Teach students new study skills that will enhance learning for a particular subject

Ø Implement strategies on how to study for tests and quizzes

Ø Provide assistance with homework problems/worksheets

Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute ▪ Kitchener, ON Apr-Jun 09-12

Teacher Assistant in Grade 10 Science Class

Ø Augmented student learning through one-on-one instruction

Ø Prepared individual exam preparation study sessions

Ø Assisted the teacher in setting up science experiments

Suddaby Public School ▪ Kitchener, ON Oct 08-Apr 09

Teacher Assistant in Grade 5/6 Class

Ø Assisted students in English by focusing on reading short stories and writing responses

Ø Worked one-on-one with students in math to solve equations

Ø Provided ESL students with necessary one-on-one instruction for life skills e.g. The difference between value and quantity of money

Volunteer Experience

WLU Vietnamese Student Association ▪ Waterloo, ON Sept 06-Jun 10

Event Coordinator

Ø Organized charity events with other universities eg. University of Waterloo and McMaster University

Ø Coordinated volunteers for running events throughout the school year


Karen Kwan

Forest Glen Public School

Peel District School Board


Kayonne Gordon-Lewis

Britannia Public School

Peel District School Board


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Professional Knowledge

Masters of Teaching Research Paper

Topic: Teacher's beliefs about mathematical manipulatives and how do those beliefs affect manipulative use in the classroom.

Abstract: Many advocate for the use of manipulatives to assist students in attaining mathematical concepts, however, there is a lack of data on how teachers should integrate manipulatives during instruction to provide students with deep understanding. In order for students to be successful in understanding abstract concepts, it is important that teachers are provided with the opportunity to learn how to effectively integrate the use of manipulatives in mathematics instruction. This research project examined how teachers beliefs about the use of manipulatives effects their instructional practices.

"To the world you may be a teacher, but to your students you are a hero."

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Professional Practice

Grades/Units Taught:

a. Patterning
b. Measurement
c. Fairy Tales
d. Medieval Times
e. Volcanoes
f. Music

Grade 1
a. Music - tempo & dynamics

Grade 4
a. Geometry
b. Number Sense and Numeration
c. Inferences

Grade 6
a. Gender stereotypes
b. Space
c. Patterning
d. Geometry
e. Charlotte's Web
f. Diary and Letter writing
g. Physical Education
h. Substance Abuse
i. Art
j. Black History Month

*** Please send me a message and I will send all my lesson plans for these units***

Leadership and Learning Communities

Community Work:

1. Wilfrid Laurier University

Vietnamese Student Association - Event Coordinator

2. Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute

Teaching Assistant

3. Suddaby Public School
Teaching Assistant

My experiences in the community has fostered my growth and skills as a professional because it has helped me gain insights into things that I have yet to experience in different environments and situations. My goal as a teacher in the classroom is to be a role model and show my students the importance of giving back to the community. Volunteers create better environments, healthier communities and make others happy.
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Ongoing Professional Learning

▪ Teaching Nutrition Workshop by Dairy Farmers of Canada 2015

▪ Full Day Kindergarten Workshop 2014

▪ Reading for the Love of It Conference 2014

▪ Environment Education Conference 2014

▪ TRIBES Certification 2013

Quotes from Summative Evaluations:

Forest Glen Public School - "Anna always had a positive and enthusiastic demeanor in spite of the changes, surprises and unexpected problems that would happen in any given day. She demonstrated an eagerness to learn and was always striving to gain professional knowledge by asking questions and seeking information and resources."

Britannia Public School - "Anna demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication to the teaching profession. She attended to all responsibilities placed upon her in and outside of the classroom. Anna demonstrated initiative by accepting responsibilities beyond what was of expected of her."

Forest Avenue Public School - "Anna demonstrated excellent reflective practice on her performance. During our daily feedback meetings, Anna was able to realistically look at the strengths and weaknesses of her lessons and took feedback well, applying new ideas and suggestions to enhance her development as a teacher and a lifelong learner."

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Brooks Adams

Commitment to Students and Student Learning

Extracurricular activities

a. Karaoke Club: assisted in choosing appropriate songs for students to sing
b. Breakfast Club: prepared breakfast, responsible for student sign-in, clean-up, and preparation for the next day
c. Counting On You: assisting students with homework and further understanding of math concepts in this after school math tutoring program
d. Rockband: helped coached student performances to prepare for the talent show

About me - Anna Tran

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