Compression spring wire

Application and Function of Different Springs

Spring is a common part, which is able to store energy, and can be used to resist shock, clamping, storage and measurement. According to the nature of the force, the spring can be divided into tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and bent springs, etc. According to the shape, the spring can be divided into disc springs, ring springs, plate springs, coil springs, truncated cone spiral spring and torsion bar springs, etc.

Torsion spring is the coil spring that is the spring exposed to torsion and deformation, its working part is also tightly wound into a spiral. The end portion structure of the Double?torsion spring is processed into various shapes torsion arm, instead of the shackle. Torsion spring is commonly used in automotive mechanical equilibrium mechanism, which is widely used in machine tools, electrical appliances and other industrial production.

Tension spring is the coil spring subjected to axial tension, tension springs are generally made of circular cross section material. When not bear the load, are generally tight and there is no gap between the coils of the tension spring.

The compression spring is a coil spring withstanding the pressure, the cross section of material it uses is circular, and rectangular, multi-strand steel roll is also used, the spring is generally divided into constant pitch. The shape of the Compression spring wire is available for cylindrical, conical shape, the male and the female, and a small amount of non-circular, etc., there is a certain gap between the rings of compression spring, when subjected to external loads, the spring contracts and deforms, storing deformation energy.

Spring Function Description:

1. Measurement function
Within the elastic limit, the spring elongation (or contraction) is proportional to the external force. The spring balance is made by using the nature of the spring.

2. Press function
Observe a variety of electrical switches, you will find one of two contacts in the switch is loaded with spring, to ensure the two contacts closely contact and good conduction. If poor contact, the resistance at the contact becomes large, the heat generated by the electric current becomes large; seriously it will melt the metal at the contact. The two metal columns of bayonet cap are equipped with springs for good contact; For the center patch of screw caps and the inserting sheet metal of all sockets are spring, its function is to make both in close contact.

3. Reset function
The spring is deformed under external force, and the spring will be able to restore the state after the force is removed. Many tools and equipment are reset by this nature of the spring. For example, the door hinges on many of the buildings are installed with reset spring, so the door will automatically reset after people pass in and out. People also made this feature to make automatic umbrella, pencil and other supplies, which is very convenient. In addition, various buttons and keys are inseparable from the reset spring.