Hydropower-The Best Option

By Siobhan O'Leary

Water Powered Energy?

Hydropower, what is it exactly? Hydropower is power generated by the flowing moment of water. Yes, that's right, water! If the whole planet was able to run on energy created by water, it'd be a much cleaner planet. Hydropower is renewable, but unfortunately, water itself is not renewable.
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How does it work?

It can be found anywhere where there are streams, rivers, lakes or oceans. All you need is a water wheel to convert the energy into mechanical, and the flow of the water spins machines to create electricity.
Hydroelectic Power - How it Works

Types of Hydropower Machines

Types of Hydropower machines are a water wheel, a water turbine, and a dam.

The water wheel is the oldest type, and was mainly used to ground grains. When water flows through water turbines, it also goes through generators and makes electricity. Dams are usually built on rivers, and have a wall with water stored behind it.

Pelton wheel / Pelton turbine / Hydro-power (3D animation)

Affects and Advantages

Hydropower machines can affect comminuities in big ways and litte ways. Some big ways are habitat related. When building a dam for example, a lot of the land is shaped or changed. Some advantages of hydropower is that it causes none to very little greenhouse affect, low cost ( money), and others. Plus, it's very renewable and would seem easy to manage.
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