Complex assignment

In order for our students to be able to submit multiple activities and major projects, they have a dropbox-like function that is preset on all of the laptops that we issue to them. It will be a file folder that is preloaded on the laptop. The students will only be able to copy and paste documents into the folder that is labeled with their teacher’s name and the teachers will have access to the documents in that way. This will be a M:1 method, meaning multiple sources to one destination. From this method, students will be able to simply submit documents to the teacher without the ability to open or see other students’ files. The teacher can only access the contents of dropbox folder. The only other documentation able to be open by students will be the teachers’ files that they have made public. The assignment directions other resources will be available in the public file.

One assignment that the students will have to do is a major project that will be due at the end of each semester and will have to submit multiple parts into the file folder under their teacher’s name. To access this folder, the students will have to double click on the desktop icon then double click on their teacher’s name then go to the dropbox folder that is specifically labeled for the assignment. For issues of confusion, specific instructions will always be listed as to how to find the specific file location. The location of the file should not change for the course of the semester, for ease of accessibility. To keep all the assignments organized, the students must name the each file a specific way that includes the class period, name, and assignment name. In this way the teachers can have all the students’ submission in one file.

This project can include multiple parts such as a written component that students will need to submit as a Word document and even a presentation component that will need to be a PowerPoint presentation. There can be many problems that arise through submitting assignments individually to the teacher and having students keep their assignments on their own devices. This is why our file folder dropbox is a great way to avoid these problems and have a universal location for all students to submit their work. This reduces wasted time and decreases the number of issues in class. It also makes it easier for the teachers to have all the assignments they need to see and grade in one central location.