Is it Unhealthy to Eat Meat?


My Purpose

My purpose for arguing this point is to prove to all the carnivorous people that eating meat is not only immoral but unhealthy. This will help me in my argument because it will show my audience which side of the argument I'm supporting.


The audience for this argument is anyone who eats meat. This will affect my argument because I am trying to convince people to stop eating meat, and I need to know who I'm trying to convince.


My claim for this argument is that I believe people should not eat meat, for it is morally wrong and unhealthy. My claim will help my argument because it will get my point across and will make my argument less confusing.


It has been proven that people can live healthier without eating meat. In the documentary Forks Over Knives, a group of researchers work together to explore the possibility that people changing their diets from animal-based to plant-based can help get rid of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This evidence can help me in my argument because it helps prove my point that people are healthier without eating meat.


If it can be scientifically proven that eating meat is, in terms, "bad" for you, then I would conclude that it is better to live off of a plant-based diet than an animal-based one. This would help me in my argument because it explains my evidence and the reason for this argument. It helps my audience further understand my argument.


Although vegetarians and vegans can suffer from more alleriges, cancer and mental health ailments (anxiety and depression) than any other dietary habit group, they are still healthier than those who eat meat. This will help my argument because it will tell my audience that I understand the other side of the argument as well as my own.