Chain Letter

Chirstopher Pike

Lead Characters

Allison, Brenda, Fran, Joan, Tony, Kipp, Neil, Caretaker

What is the storyline or plot?

Seven teens who committed a crime one summer punished for their actions by a "Caretaker." The Caretaker gives each teen a task to do & each task gets more challenging than the one before. If someone doesn't do their task in the five days that they were given, they can get hurt or even killed.

Did I like this novel?



It had good suspense & a good story to it

What was my favorite part

When the showed what happened that summer because it gives us information on why someone is out to punish these seven teenagers.

If I could change something what would it be and why?

I would change how they revealed the Caretaker because there was no suspense leading up to the reveal.

Did I like the characters?


What is my recommendation?

To anyone who likes books that have suspense with a present setting should give it a try.

List 5 adjectives I would use to describe this book.

Mysterious, Scary, Interesting, Nervous, Funny

What type of launguage does it use?

Everyday Language

Two examples of figurative language.

"The poster above his bed would greet him with a smile."


"She's serious. The girls nuts."


Does the level of language make it easy or difficult for the reade to follow

It makes it easy for the reader to follow along.