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Information for the 2019-20 school year

Parent information Night

Thank you to those of you that attended the parent information night. For those of you that couldn't make it, I have attached the slides below. Please go through them so you know about all the exciting things happening at GHA. Thank you!

Limited space: Reserve your space!

We are anticipating very limited space in the following classes:

  • N2 50/50
  • N3 50/50
  • Grade 1 English
  • Grade 2 English
  • Grade 2 50/50
  • Grade 3 English
  • Grade 5 50/50
  • Grade 7 50/50

In order to reserve your space you must pay a deposit. The fee is 500,000 RWF per family and it is deducted from the tuition fees for term 1. Any family that pays the deposit by June 1st is guaranteed space for next academic year. On June 2nd we open enrollment to the public and space is on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that we consider your space reserved based on the date you provide proof of payment (not the date paid at the bank). Please be sure to email your bank slip or present it to the finance office. The classes listed above are anticipated to have 5 spots or less, so we urge you make a deposit early if your child will be going into one of these classes.


  • We are eliminating the capital fees!
  • We are decreasing the cost of boarding by 25%! Come in for a tour!
  • Tuition fees will increase by 7%.
  • N1 and N2 will pay the same technology fee that N3 pays - which is 30,000 RWF per year.
  • Stationery is increasing by 25% for middle and high school.
  • We will add stationery fees and technology fees onto the tuition fees to give you one price. We hope this helps with invoicing and efficiency on our side.
  • There are no changes to other fees such as busing or after school programs.

The tuition fees

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Summer school!

Our four week summer school registration is now open! Please visit the website for more information. The brochure, handbook and enrollment form are also downloadable below.

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