Saudi Arabian News

Saudi Arabia

Here are some facts about Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia largest and harshest desert is the Rub'al Khali. Saudi Arabia is also the largest country in Southwest Asia. Saudi Arabia has no pemenent bodies of water including rivers and ponds.

The 411 on Egypt


An aquifer is an underground rock layer that water flows through. Libya is a county that has an aquifer under it's desert. Aquifers are also below other areas.


An erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes. Ergs are in the Shahara desert between the Ahaggar mountain range. Ergs cane be in other deserts as well.

Positives and Problems with the Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is in Egypt. Here are some positives and problems with the Aswan Dam. The Aswan Dam gives control over Nile's floods, and the dam can store water for months. The Aswan Dam does make land less fertil, and there is less fresh water with more salt water at the delta.

Egypt's Crops

Egypt grow many plants and here a some of them. Egypt grows sugar cane, cotton, and grains. Egypt also grows fruits and vegetables.

Facts about the Shahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is about the size of the United States. The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. The word sahara in Aheribic means desert.