Calculating with percents

Taxes, tips, discount, mark up, commission


My meal costs $20, I tipped the waiter $5 I paid a total of $25


My shirt cost $10 taxes are 6.75. 6.75% of 10 is $0.68. my total was $10.68.


My pants cost $40 and I have and $10 discount, my total was $30. I saved $10

Mark up

On Black Friday alot of people wanted to buy a flat screen tv, the original price was $60. Sense so many people wanted one they had to Mark up the price $20, the price is now $80.


I sold a car, the car costs $24,000. The commission was 10%. 10% of $24,000 is $2,400

Taxes and tips

Are the extra amount you pay


Is the money taken off your total

Mark up

Is the money added when to many people wanted the same item


Is the money you made