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About Me

I am a graduate from the University of Houston's College of Education. I have wanted to teach Kindergarten for as long as I can remember, so I am thrilled to have the honor of teaching your kiddos! I love reading, music, and arts and crafts. I really look forward to seeing all the nifty things your kids will create in class!

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Upcoming Book Fair!

On September 3rd, the school will be having it's annual book fair! It will last for a week and will be located in the school library. Bring your kiddos and grab some books to bring home! Hope to see you there!

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Apple Orchard Field Trip!

To get in the spirit of fall, the kiddos and I will be exploring an apple orchard! The field trip is scheduled for September 15th. While there, the students will be able to pet the animals in the barn yard and pick their own apples to bring home. Expect to see a permission slip in their take home folder in the next week. Please sign it and have him/her return it to me no later than September 6th. It's going to be a great trip!

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The Giving Tree

Before our field trip to the orchard, I will be reading The Giving Tree to the class! This was a childhood favorite of mine and I hope the class will enjoy it as well. After our reading, each kiddo will be creating a crown of leaves just like the boy in the book! Let them show it to you when they bring it home, and if they'd like to, they can bring it to wear on our field trip to the apple orchard on the 15th!

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