Toxicology and Chemistry on TV

-Jordan Martinez


In the T.V. series, Breaking Bad, chemistry is a prime factor for the main character. Breaking Bad is about a teacher who sells meth to protect his family's fortune because he is afraid of the lung cancer he has received. The chemistry in this show would be the process of making the crystal meth they sell.


In the show, Cops, toxicology some what takes place. There are a lot of drunk drivers who are pulled over and breathalyzed constantly. The toxicology is the breathalyzer reading on whether or not they are above or below the legal limit.

Controlled Substance

On the series, Intervention, there is serious drugs that are being over used by addicts. Substances such as crack, meth, heroin, alcohol, and more are seen in this show used by addicts. The addicts are so addicted their family calls the show to have an intervention with them because of the bad habits. It not only effects the drug addicts body and brain, but also the family members emotionally.
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