Welcome To The New World

By Spencer Reese

New England Colony

New England's land forms are thin rocky soil, forest, and a coast along he Atlantic ocean. The climate is cool and the winters are harsh. The Natural resources are timber, whale, and fish. The jobs are farming, lumber jack, whale hunters, and fisherman. The type of goods and trades where ships, farms, homes, and meeting houses. Meeting house was the center of town life only church going men that owned property where aloud to vote. New England also traded with England and other colonies.
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Middle Colony

The landforms for the Middle colony is rich soil. The climate is warm. The natural recourses are wood, iron, wheat, cattle, and fish. The jobs are farming, trading, dock workers, and mill workers. The goods they sell and trade are ships, raised wheat, and fur. The religion is people had different backgrounds and places in New York and New jersey. People of different religion lived in the colony of Pennsylvania.
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In the Southern colony the landforms are rich soil, flat land, mountains, and fresh water rivers. The natural resources are cotton, corn, tobacco, rice, indigo, timber, and iron. The jobs where farmers, printers, shoe makers, and carpenters. The goods they traded where tobacco, cotton, and indigo. The religion was freedom of religion and baptism.
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