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A glimpse into your child's week! January 19-23

Greetings from Third Grade!

What a short week it's been! Students brought home their report cards today. Please review it with them, recognize their successes and set realistic goals to help with the deficit areas.

A new marking period marks a new chance to try again. Please remind your child of this!

Something new and exciting this week, was the roll out of our classroom chrome books. We've gotten a bit creative with sharing 8 chrome books among 31 students, but we are making it work and the kids are enjoying the time spent learning with technology. I've really stepped out of my comfort zone this week, and I think it's good for the kids to witness that!

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2nd 100 Frye Words

As a reminder, your child has a highlighted list of words they should be working on learning how to spell. This list was passed out at Conferences. The following link is an excellent place for them to practice their words. Students will be taking their Post-Assessment on these words in two weeks.

Students will then be given their final list of words for the year. These words, as you may have guessed, will be increasingly more difficult than the first two sets have been.

SCIENCE - Sound Energy

We've reviewed what we've learned so far (see middle picture above) and will be participating in Sound Centers next week. The District SOUND Test will most likely be the week after next.

In addition, students were given the assignment to "Create an Instrument". A rubric was sent home with students out Wednesday, outlining the requirements of the instrument. Instruments are due in class this Monday. Students will be sharing their instrument in class that day.

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Social Studies

This week we've focused on the fur trade and learned about the voyageurs that would paddle the furs from the trading posts all the way up to Montreal. These furs were then shipped to France where they were made into stylish beaver hats. We also began to study Jacques Marquette, a French missionary who came to this area to spread his Catholic faith. He set up missions at to accomplish this. Marquette later began to explore the Mississippi River (along with Louis Jolliet) thinking it was a shortcut to the Pacific Ocean. Ask your child to tell you about the Quick Write they did, where they envisioned the conversation between Marquette and Jolliet when they realized they were going south and not west.
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In Math we haven't moved much beyond recognizing division as equal groups and repeated subtraction. This is all Topic 7, an introduction to Division.

On Wednesday, students participated in an activity using the book The Doorbell Rang and Cookie Crisp cereal to get back into the swing of things. Thank you for being a patient "student" on Wednesday night and allowing your child to "play teacher" to get their homework completed.

Next week we will complete Topic 7 and review for our upcoming Topic 7 Test.

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Dannecia, our new student and friend, joined us this week! Here she is, hard at work, on her first day in our classroom.
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Beginning next week, your child will now be encouraged to check out at least one Non-Fiction book in the library each week. We are moving from the study of fiction, to that of non-fiction. We will begin by talking a lot about the text features of this genre and then moving in to being able to identify the most important information in a non-fiction passage.

We ran out of time to do much else this week in Reading, but we are beginning A Lion to Guard Us. It will serve as a nice way to end our day each day and also helps support some of the content we'll be covering in Social Studies.


Students were introduced to the main components of a realistic fiction story. All realistic fiction stories must have:

- a realistic story idea (believable!)

- a character who wants or needs something

- a problem

- a solution

We read more realistic fiction stories this week, including an interactive session with Mrs. Kimball in the Library on Wednesday. Students seem to have a good grasp of what makes up a realistic fiction story. We will begin selecting story ideas next week. Stay tuned!


Here are our next vocabulary words that will span the following two weeks.

A thorough understanding of these words is expected, and we will be working in class together to achieve this.

Third Graders Take Pride in What They Do!


Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:45 - 3:30

Fridays - Computer Lab 10:00 - 11:00

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


Jan 23 - Report Cards were sent home with Students

Jan 26 - 30 Star Student - Carter Rhoads

Feb 2 - Mother/Son Bowling

Feb 7 - Daddy/Daughter Dance

Feb 13 - Valentine's & Multiplication Sundae Party (more info to come)

For those of you who like/need(!) to plan ahead and are thinking about Valentine's Day... students will need to bring in a box or bag with their name clearly labeled, This will house their valentines. We have 31 students in our classroom (a class list will be sent home soon). We will be passing out valentines and having our multiplication sundae party from 3-3:30 on Friday, February 13th.

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