No more "Guidance" Counselors

DOE changing language from "Guidance" to "School" Counselors

Request to Virginia Board of Education

On October 23rd, Renee Zando, VSCA Board Member, spoke at the Public Comment portion of the Board meeting in downtown Richmond. The request was to change the language in the VDOE documents from "guidance counselor" to "school counselor". The three minute speech was written in a collaborative effort by Marcy Kneale, Bea McLeod, Jenny Hubler, and our lobbyists David Bailey and Kristen Hardy-Bailey.

On October 28th, Dr. Staples, the Superintendent of Education, followed up with an email stating that the board had favorable remarks to our request and the VDOE is conducting a document scan to identify all places using the term "Guidance Counselor" for replacement with term "School Counselor". Due to the amount of documents, they are putting together an organized and systematic approach, but our request was heard and they are working to make the requested adjustments across all VDOE regulations, standards, and written artifacts!

The VDOE would also like to improve the coordination and communication with school counselors and possibly partner with us to provide Professional Development opportunities. We are proud to report that VSCA has created a relationship and has a voice for School Counselors at the Department of Education.

Thank you to Marcy Kneale, VSCA Member for reaching out to the board for support and allowing us to partner with you in these important missions. Also, thank you to our board members Renee Zando and Bea McLeod for putting this into action. And we could not have moved so far so quickly in creating this relationship with the VDOE without our Lobbyists, David Bailey and Kristen Bailey-Hardy.

Congratulations School Counselors! WE ARE VSCA!

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