Albertville Primary School

November 2022 - Kindergarten Newsletter

Caring for our Community

Albertville Primary School has partnered with the Hanover Area Food Shelf to aid in their toy and mitten drive. The Hanover Area Food Shelf collects and distributes donations to serve the needs of families residing in Albertville, St. Michael, Hanover, Rockford, Loretto, and Greenfield.

To help with this worthy cause, please send new unwrapped toys for boys and girls ages birth to age 18, as well as hats and mittens.

Donations can be dropped off in the office or labeled “donation” and sent with your child to school. Collection will begin on November 28 and run through December 2.

Thank you for supporting this deserving cause and for modeling the six pillars of character.


November 3: Early Release for Kindergarten-4th Grade Students - Kindergarten will release at 11:45 AM,

Conferences 1:10 - 7:00 PM

November 8
: Election Day - No School - Remember to Vote!

November 9: Wear Yellow for Respect (Character Counts)

November 11: Veteran's Day

November 17: Kindergarten Fun Night 5:30 - 7:00 PM

November 22: Sidekick Theater Field Trip

November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break - No School

November 28 - December 2: Toy and Mitten/Hat Drive


Winter is officially almost here! All students need to wear snow pants, boots, hats, waterproof mittens, and a warm winter coat everyday during recess.

Students who are not properly dressed will have to stay off the equipment and play on the non-snow covered areas.

Remember, students will go outside for a 30-minute recess whenever the temperature/wind-chill is above 0 degrees.


· STMA has a mass notification system that will call and email you regarding school closings or late starts.

· Parents who have ParentVue accounts are encouraged to verify email and phone numbers.

· School closing information will also be announced on local TV stations 4, 5, 9, and 11.

· Every effort will be made to sustain regular hours and programs. If busses can operate, schools will be open. Schools will not close due to severe cold; schools will close only if it is too cold to start busses or if roads are impassable.

Elementary Boundaries

For grade one, all kindergarten students will attend one of the district’s three elementary schools-Big Woods Elementary, Fieldstone Elementary, or St. Michael Elementary. Students are assigned an elementary school based on boundary lines. STMA has the following student buildings:

· Three elementary schools-grades 1-4

· Two middle schools-grades 5-8

· One high school-grades 9-12

If you have questions about which school your child will attend, please contact the main office.

Big picture


Respect is the CHARACTER COUNTS pillar focused on in November. Ways to practice respect are below.

· Be polite to each other, your children, their friends, family guests, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else.

· Celebrate the uniqueness in your family and neighborhood. Discuss ways that you have a stronger family and community because of so many different abilities and traits.

· Use the word respect in your home frequently.

· Develop family guidelines for treating each other with decency, allowing others to maintain their sense of dignity, giving needed privacy, and appreciating others’ individuality.

· Have a refresher course on manners at home. Practice your good manners as you eat a meal together.

· Collect a nominal amount of money (5, 10, or 25 cents) for a special family fund jar from every family member caught rolling eyes, not listening to a conversation, putting someone down, gossiping or being disrespectful in other ways. Use the money for a special family meal or other treat.


For the majority of kindergarten students their day starts and ends on a school bus. Our goal is to make the time students spend on the bus enjoyable and safe. Kindergarten students have been busy learning about bus expectations and safety. Students had an opportunity to practice bus safety procedures on a bus in September.

To ensure a safe ride to and from school, students should sit in their seats, keep their voices low, listen to the bus driver, and keep their hands and feet to themselves.

Please remind your child to sit in their assigned seat on the bus. Before exiting the bus, students should remember to gather all of their items. I.E. hats, mittens/gloves, coat, backpack, etc.

Thank you for supporting these expectations and ensuring the safety of our students.