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The followers of Christianity are called Christians. Christians believe that Jesus was a son of God, they believe in one God. They believed that Jesus was diving and human. The sacraments of Christianity are Baptism, and Holy Communion. The sacrament of Baptism involves the use of water to introduce a person to Christianity. The sacrament of Holy Communion is central to Christian worship. Christians practice this sacrament in remembrance of Jesus. The places where Christians worship are called churches. Many services also include a sermon given by the church leader, such as a priest or a minister. The Holy book for Christians is called a bible. For Christian holidays, Christmas is celebrated by Christians because they believe that is the day Jesus was born. Easter is what Christians believe is the Resurrection of Jesus. The Holy sites are Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and Jerusalem, the town where Jesus lived.
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The Cross

The Cross is the symbol of Christianity
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Vatican City

The Vatican City is considered a Holy place to Christians
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A Priest

Priests lead worship for Christians
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Christmas is a holy holiday for Christians as it is the day they believe Jesus was born.