Voyager Voice

PM 9/9/16

Snapshot of the Week:

This week we learned about our personal information and focused on our family members. I made ID cards for each child to use throughout the day. We learned our first name, last name, age, gender, birthday, street we live on, city, phone number, parent first names, and our sibling's first names. Each day during our closing meeting the students reviewed their personal information by completing a graphing activity on the Smart Board. During Free Choice, the students explored in several investigation sites to practice learning their personal information. In Dramatic Play the students used our classroom directory to call their friends using our pretend phone. In our Small group site, we practiced identifying all of our personal information using white boards. In the Discovery table we had sand and magnetic letters for the children to explore. They had to find the letters of their name and put them into the matching bucket. In our Science site the children compared their finger prints to our toy animal prints using ink pads and magnify glasses. Our library had several All About Me and family books to explore. In our Art site the children completed the next page in their All About Me book about their family. Our blocks had our dolls available to act out who is in their family. We concluded the week by noticing that our families have a lot of the same personal information that we do.

Important Dates/Information:

September 14th: Picture Day :)

September 16th: Last day to order Scholastic books for the month of September. Each month you will have a chance to order using our classroom code!

Snack Schedule:

Snack Schedule Frozen! Check again next week to see who is next!

Caring Community

Our classroom theme of the week was personal identification and our second step theme was listening. We continued to practice our listening song, ask your child to sing it for you! We read a book that talked about a variety of human and animal families. Hopefully you saw the activity they brought home, each student chose different people that live in their house!

Ms. Gurwin


In music class, Mrs. Blaire sang, "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly". The students all were given an animal to feed the old lady during the song. We also danced with Sheldon the Turtle. The students had to copy Sheldon's moves while following the beat of the song.
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Cooking and Conversation

In Cooking and Conversation the students created number cookies representing the numbers in their address. Each student practiced rolling the dough and using the cookie cutters to create the numbers they needed. Once the cookies were done, each child was given a mailbox with their address on it. The students had to put the number cookies in order matching the numbers on their mailbox.

Upcoming Topics

Houses in our Community

Vocab: structure, house, apartment, townhome, stories/floor, condo, interior/exterior parts of a house,kitchen, dining room, family room, living room, front room, bathroom, foyer, den, office, study, garage, bedroom, basement, playroom, backyard, front yard, and driveway