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South Africa is renowned for so many things. It is probably the most developed country in the African continent. It is also home to famous gold mines- deep gold mines running up to 4 kilometers into the belly of the earth. The diamond mines at Kimberly are also worth noting. You cannot forget to mention the rich South African culture, with incredibly good music, dance, cuisines and a history like no other. When you pay a visit to South Africa, rest assured that you will be tempted to stay there for a while. This is particularly so for those who have a thing for jewelry.

Home of world's finest jewelry

Once upon a time, South Africa was the leading gold producer in the world. Currently, the title is held by China. Still, this is not to mean that South Africa has fallen off the map. The country still produces fine gold and the quality of jewelry that you will find here is just amazing. This is probably because South African jewelry is varied. They have various types of jewelry pieces available in just about all jewelry stores across the country. As you probably know by now, where there is variety then there is definitely going to be quality.

The variety of jewelry here ranges from the finest of contemporary jewelry to the traditional pieces that are characteristic of African cultures. Let's start off with the diamonds- they are a girl's best friend.

  • 1.Diamond jewelry

South Africa, together with its neighbor Botswana, produces some of the finest diamonds on this planet. Ladies all over the world have so much to thank these two countries for. The quality of diamonds that come from South Africa is just amazing. There are the white diamonds that have everyone's eyes growing large with amazement. Yellow diamonds are there but rare. Generally, colored diamonds do exist but they are a bit rare. You can access that pretty bracelet made of premium quality diamonds from the best of South African jewelry stores. Alternatively, you could opt to buy these pieces online.

  • 2.Gold

It cannot be over emphasized that gold is a staple jewelry material in South Africa. While many other African countries deal in gold-coated jewelry, South African created golden jewelry is made from actual gold. If this is your idea of fantastic jewelry, then you should not have a problem finding one that works for your taste and preference.

  • 3.Bead jewelry

Now you've got to love bead jewelry because even if you do not want to wear it, you can use it for decoration purposes. This case also applies to African pottery. People buy clay pots in Africa, not because they want to go and cook in them, but they want to decorate their homes and offices with them. In Africa, pots are not used all that much for cooking but rather for storing water. This is especially so in the rural areas. The pots are placed on the floor and the water remains cool. You would think it was from a refrigerator.

Beaded jewelry has become trendy over the past few years because of the versatility it presents. People are stumbling over each other in a rush to purchase the finest of these pieces. African beads come in all shapes and sizes, colors and prices. They are also being used to create all sorts of jewelry pieces from necklaces and bracelets to hair pieces and anklets. You can also find a clutch bag made from jewelry. It is an assurance that you will be completely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out these lovely pieces of jewelry.

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African Beads – Many Beautiful Uses Africa has a long history of producing African beads and they are still as popular today as they have always been.
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