October 10, 2016


The Fall weather is settling in, and so are we with a new school year. That must mean it is time for the New Jersey Science Convention! This year convention is celebrating its 40th anniversary and is shaping up to be one of the best ever. If you aren't already registered you can go to http://www.njscienceconvention.org/ and sign up.

The 40th annual Convention will be held Tuesday & Wednesday, October 25 & 26, 2016 at the Princeton Marriott Forrestal.

This year's banquet speaker is Dr. David Gallo, Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives at the Center for Climate and Life of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Dr. Gallo will be speaking about Deep Sea - Deep Secrets: The Many Wonders of Neptune's Realm. Banquet tickets can be purchased separate from convention registration here.


Every year NJSELA members put together some of the most interesting and valuable convention workshops - below is a list of what some of our members are putting on this year:
  • Meegan Adames & Alicia Killean - NGSS Instruction and Learning – What Does It Look Like Across Grade Levels? - Program #98
  • Kristen Crawford - What Do Science Practices Look Like in the K-2 Classroom – Program #28
  • Jennifer Cusmano-King – Inspire Students with STEM Career Pathways Programs: A Step by Step Approach – Program #22
  • Kevin Doyle - Chemical Management, Safety, and Compliance – Program #18
  • Kim Feltre - K-5 Forces, Motion, & Energy Hands-On NGSS Lessons – Program #31, I Attended NGSS PD...Now What? - Program #62
  • Kathy Kennedy - Beyond Biology: Integrating Engineering into the High School Life Science Classroom – Program #54
  • Kristina Nicosia - Standards Based Grading – Program #15, Google Apps for Education- For Beginners #32, For Intermediate Users #136, For Advanced Users #66
  • Tom Paterson - STEM Data Collection at the Theme Park! – Program #71
  • Vicky Pilitsis - Cross Cutting Concepts in Elementary Science Classrooms, Program #115


Each year we have a fall roundtable session at Science Convention. At this meeting we recognize the Doris White Memorial Scholarship recipients, review the current status of NJSELA, and appoint the officers for the new term year.

This year's convention meeting will be on Wednesday, October 26 from 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

We will be asking members for "needs assessment" ideas that will help the executive committee plan the NJSELA objectives for the year. If you are unable to attend the meeting at Convention, please give us your feedback by filling out this form.


The Biology Teachers Association of New Jersey is offering several workshops this semester on NGSS, Engineering Design, Problem Based Learning, and AP Biology. Please pass the information along to your staff!

Program Descriptions can be found here.

Visit their website at: http://www.btanj.org/