Respiratory System

Body Systems Project Part 4

Purpose of the Respiratory System

To supply the blood with oxygen so it can be delivered to all parts of the body.


The little cells in the lungs the act as a pathway for the oxygen. They are usually bubbly in appearance. Together all the cells are about 100 meters squared (328.084 feet). It is made of Loose Connective Tissue, a common tissue in the body used to hold organs, in this case the lungs, together and in place.

Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Exchange

Oxygen is brought into the lungs and through the Alveoli, which leads it into the heart. The oxygen is then moved into the blood, which then moved it throughout the body, and the carbon dioxide is then expelled back into the lungs, where it is exhaled.
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Inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. It can be caused by viral illnesses or injury to airway. It is characterized by chronic coughing or urge to cough. In extreme cases it can cause a person to cough up blood. It is very common, affecting about 3 million people a year. There are very few treatments, but it usually goes away on its own on anywhere to a week to four months.


The constant inflammation of the airways, causing shortness of breath, wheezing, and spasms. It is only contracted by birth. It is usually treated with an inhaler and cannot be cured, but occasionally goes away on it's own.