All About Me Project

Anuj Railowal

Who Am I?

Hi my name is Anuj Railowal, I am 15 years old, born August 20th 2000. I'm kind, loyal and honest person to be around. I like to make new friends and travel around the world while discovering new things. Traveling the world has always been a passion of mine and I would one day hope to travel and see such a place like Lake Nakuru. I love to play sports one of my favorite sports are Baseball and Soccer. I enjoy playing video games time to time and enjoy drawing.

My Life Line

Leadership Style

The quiz showed that my style of leadership is democratic which is participate leadership meaning that everyone is given an opportunity to participate tell ideas and discuss about them. I believe this is my leadership style because I always make sure that everyone is involved in things and no one is left out and always discussing about other peoples ideas and encouraging them


I have been influenced a lot by my friends and family because sometimes there are days where you dont want to do anything and you arent just influenced enough to do it such as getting up in the morning for school but my parents told me to do it because school is good and one day you can learn a lot and I really like learning. My friends and family influenced me to become a cop because I always wanted to participate in crimes and do something good to feel better about yourself.

Role Model

My biggest role model that impacted my life in a positive way was my great grandfather. He was my childhood hero but he has passed away from a heart attack. The reason I say he was my role model because he was kind of like me always wanted to do something good. Also he made a big difference In my life and that is why I strive to do good like he did. I always looked up to him as he was a good person. He would tell me stories about being a police officer when I was young which got me thinking of pursuing the career path of a police officer.

Future plan

My future plan is to become a cop and take criminology either in university or college. The reason I want to be a cop because knowing at the end of the day that you made a difference stopping criminals and helping people make better choices for themselves. The way im planning to work my way up to becoming a cop is to start taking the necessary courses in high school to prepare me for college or university.

Quiz Results

Leadership style democratic
Multiple Intelligence Orange
Left brain

The Helper