Mrs. Kirkutis's Weekly Memo

Hello Families! This week students continue to practice asking and answering quesions. However, they will be using informational text rather than fiction. Students must still record the page number where they found the answers to their questions. Students have also been working on an interactive phonics/grammar notebook. They have practiced reviewing digraphs, blends, short vowel sounds, and when to use c, k, and ck. This week they will practice finding words with long vowel sounds. In math, students will work on solving one-step word problems. They will be shown different organizers like (parts and total boxes and number bonds.) Again students will see how knowing fact families can help them solve problems. In addition, we have begun our classroom economy where students earn and spend money. Students are very excited about this and can't wait to spend their money in the class store. In science, students continue to observe and study mealworms. Ask your child what the main structures of the mealworm are as well as their function. Lastly, results of the STAR testing will be sent home next week on the paper version not electronically. Have a great weekend!