Architectual Engineering

By: Madeline Herrling

What is Architectural Engineering?

Architectural engineering is a field inside of civil engineering. It requires constructing and designing a building. This field is sometimes referred to as building engineering.

What is it like?

Architectural Engineers work in teams with other engineers and architects to design, construct, and maintain buildings and building complexes. They might focus on designing structural systems and everything within the building. They also work in teams to solve problems and improve its duration, like with standing tornado or hurricane. Most engineers work in the construction engineering. They do spend some of their work day on the construction site while also talking to clients and working in an office.

How much would an architectural engineer earn?

Just as any other field of work, Architectural Engineering offers a wide variety of place for internships to gain experience and plenty of place to work. When they first come out of school they can make about 74,000 dollars. As they gain more experience their pay will increase like ant other job. Everywhere across the united states pays about the same amount in this field. But if one works for a big corporation like NASA or the military, they could be paid more than average. Most engineers reach 110,000 dollars by their fifteenth year in the field.

Education For and Architectural Engineer

Architectural engineering consists of having a bachelor degree. They must be knowledgeable in physics, geometry, and calculus. They must also earn experience in civil and mechanical engineering. Some of the things they do in internships or employed is they use computer programs to test the strength and efficiency of a building. Another aspect of their job is to be in the field to look components of the building-heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, light, draining, and etc.- the simple things that make building run and be safe.