I Am Aspirin!

By Jackson Childress

Chemical Names:

I have lots of cool chemical names that are totally RaDiCal!!

2-acetoxybenzoic acid,

Acetylsalicylic acid, and

Acenterine too!

But you can just call me by my common name, Aspirin.

Chemical Formula:


In short, I am the best.

Why am I the best? Well I'll tell you!

Physical Properties and Chemical Properties of Me!

Physical and Chemical Properties

I'm a tablet! and no, not the technology one. I'm usually white so everyone knows who I am!

I have a melting point of 277 degrees Fahrenheit!

I also have a boiling point of 284 degrees Fahrenheit!

Three Absolutely Random Facts About Me!

I reduce the risk of heart attacks, if you didn't know that!

I also can reduce the changes of getting cancer!

But so much good, I guess i also have my bad side.

I can also cause problems for children and pregnant moms out there!

I can cause seizures, Liver problems, and brain damage. Along with i am a natural blood thinner! So for people out there that take me, Have to be very careful and be aware if they get an injury, even the slightest cut can make you bleed more than normal!