northern snakehead

the snakehead is a animal


common names:northern snakehead

scientific names: channa argus



Modes of introduction : a man put them in a pond.he got them from New York

Reason why it is established: How do they out-compete the native species?

They aggressively consume the native species’ food, and their ability to travel over land to new bodies of water allows them to easily invade more native habitats.

Current Distribution : Where can you currently find them?

Maryland, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and many more states.

Site and Date of Introduction: Where and how did it arrive?

Some via release by aquarium owners and some “via live food fish trade” (

According to a Columbia University study (, no single location has been identified. Among early sightings are ones in California, Florida, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Modes of introduction: How was it introduced?

They were introduced via the live fish trade and when aquarium owners released them.