Saving Energy

Saving energy is very important

Why is Saving Energy Important

Saving energy is important because you want to keep the Earth clean right? Do you want to be more efficient with your energy saving, I'm assuming you do. Well you can do this with the most efficient resources out there Hydro, Wind, Bio Mass, Geothermal, Fossil Fuels, and lastly Solar power.

Saving Energy at Home

Ways that we can save energy at your house is that you might want to put solar panels on your house because once you get the solar panels installed the energy that is produced is free. Also another way to save energy is that you need one of the tiny windmills to spin and create energy so that you can power what you need to power because wind energy is free and sometimes it can be unpredictable but that is only on days with no wind. also when it rains you can get one of the water collectors and instead of collecting water it has a generator to generate your power to your house.

Saving Energy For School

Ways to save energy for your school is about as you would suspect like putting solar panels on the school so that at night they are not useable. Therefore it saves energy because no one is there that late at night so that is why it saves energy. Also you can put a wind turbine by the school so that it is very efficient because it powers the whole school with one turbine so that is why it also saves energy. Another way you could save energy is by using a hydro generator because when it rains it could collect the water and put the water through the cycle over and over again.

Saving Energy For The Community

A way you could save energy for the community is by building a bio mass plant because there is probably some plants in your area so you could use that and no waste is produced and also there is no pollution produced either. Our if you live in a city like area you could use wind energy or using the turbines to generate the power but you are going to need a little bit of space to complete that task. But if you are in a really compacted area then you can use fossil fuels although it does create a lot of pollution it is the most efficient type of energy because a lot of energy comes out of it and it can be transported easily.