Video Compression Standards

For Security Camera System CCTV

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When discussing security camera system CCTV and network cabling system needs, one message is evident and bandwidth utilization is ascending. The drive for compression is no longer in greater concern as it once was had.Large due of more bandwidth being available and being address in our time.

Video conferencing, surveillance camera system and all of the other converged applications do have a great impact especially if infrastructure is out of specifications or out to date. No one thought two years ago that you could actually focus in security camera system on a child in class or day care watch Video on Demand over certain networks and the reality is that these technologies are here.

High resolution digital security camera images needs huge disk space for storage and better bandwidth for transmission. Storing and transmitting these security camera system images is common on older technologies and infrastructures both over the internet and on the intranet. Compression algorithms were developed to help assure high definition transmissions over lower bandwidth mechanisms sometimes. All methods of compression deals JPEG, JPEG 2000, MPEG-1, 2, 4, Wavelet and H.261/H.263 are within these transmissions and trade off between frame rate and image quality are done.

The Siemen 10G ip™ solution consists of 10G ip represents the most comprehensive IT network cabling system , 10G 6A™ UTP and F/UTP, XGLO® fiber and TERA® and all are available for today's realities and tomorrow's possibilities. CCTV security camera system today can carry high quality, high resolution, real time video in a converged environment. 10 G ip™ was designed with the end-user in mind and the fact that companies expect their infrastructures to last 10+ years.

This video surveillance system will seamlessly integrate with 10G MAN/WAN without active equipments need of upgrade in future generations of your infrastructure. This assures that your network cabling system infrastructure investment is protected and secure. Companies want to protect not only their data, but all of their assets and the people thru this Video surveillance providers.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) are ISO/IEC standards allows video transmission in high quality levels. JPEG is the standard for still images while MPEG deals with moving images. Wavelet like Motion Jpeg is the process of still photos combining into moving video. The H.261 and H.263 standards must deliver clear images for fast moving objects developed for video conferencing.

IP-based systems including network cabling system servers, security camera system CCTV, and the myriad of solutions are scrutinized based on reliability of the product, scalability of quality and life cycles.

This network cabling system was designed around these principles, and to provide a solid return of precious investments. The Siemen Company participates in assuring of security camera system in all appropriate standards of organizations and provides longevity and state of the art network cabling system to insure your electronics investments will operate achievable scale today and tomorrow at their maximum potential.

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