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The worlds resolution to a non-infected world.

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Infectiona Latosa

Dear, Alyssa Chain

Is it me or do you think people overact about love being an infection, if it was up to me love would be felt. My Aunt (who stresses out to much) doesn't know what I feel and honestly never will. I guess I'm saying that I'm in love, but I don't necessarily know what love is, or what it feels like. Can you please help me control her, and make my aunt stay out of my supposive "love" life. You can let me know at any point in time, my question is was my Aunt once infected?

Best Regards, The "Love" Expert (Lena Haloway)

The "Love" Expert,

Honestly, follow your heart, or what your head is telling you to do. Your Aunt is nosy and should stay out of your business, but if she worries this much she was probably in love once before like yourself. Your a strong independent women and I wish you the best of luck because, your going to need it. Never mention my name to anybody again, no matter what happens, please. Well goodluck, once again you're gonna need it.

My affection,

Alyssa Chain

Is love strong enough to take over the world?

How would you feel if you favorite book were turned into a movie? Well it's happening, Delirium by Lauren Oliver is expected to be in theaters January 19, 2017. Lena Halloway, a 16 year old girl who cannot wait to turn 18 to get the "Cure". As Lena and her best friend Hana get unexpectedly close to getting this supposive "Amazing, life changing" cure, keep your eyes on the ruggedly handsome young man, Alex. Alex is a dreamy boy who Lena spots one day and can never take her eyes off him. What happens when you find love, do you take it or leave it?

"Run" -Lauren Oliver

Now Hiring!!!

We are searching for citizens who will stand at the border and keep the Invalids out of our community, so we are safe. We have different time schedules just contact us at any time during Monday- Thursday at the Regulater Station.
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Rest in Peace Hana Tate

Hana Tate best friend to Lena Halloway

Mrs. Tate born May 5th, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died in 2018.

Hana, best friend to Lena Halloway, died of a mugging on the cool, foggy, streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. She was 18 years old when she was beat to death with a pipe on Brodway Ave. at 9:30 p.m. Hana was a beautiful, blonde young woman who should not have been walking around on her own. We shall remember her as the person she was, well let's hope she can rest very peacefully. Hana was found by her belove friend Lena the night of her death. Las Vegas was the last known residence of Mrs. Hana Tate.

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