Culture War and The Supreme Court

Jon Reaman 2nd Period

Roe Vs. Wade

The issue-A woman in Texas known as Jane Roe wanted to get an abortion because the pregnancy threatened her life.Texas however had banned abortion, this case was the beginning of nationwide protests on both sides.

The Rights Involved-14th Amendment. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privilidges or immunities of citizens.

Decision- Justices voted to make states allow Abortion.

Burwell VS. Hobby Lobby

The Issue- The affordable Care act requires company's health care plans to pay for contraceptives. Hobby Lobby was a religous profit organizationthat MUST provide the contraceptives. The owners of Hobby Lobby challenged their constitutional right to not provide contraceptives.

Rights Involved-First Amendment. Prohibits any law respecting an establishment of religion.

Decision-Allowed Hobby Lobby stores to not provide contraceptives.

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Windsor V. United States

The Issue- Edie Windsor was married to Thea Spyer (In Canada). Thea passed away, the federal government refused to recognize the marriage. Edies inheritance was taxed as if her and Thea were strangers.

Rights Involved- The 5th Amendment. No one shall be deprived of life liberty or property.

Decision-The Justices decided when the government discriminattes against lesbians and gay men, the discrimination should be presumed to be unconstitutional.

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Edwards VS. Aguillard

The Issue-legal Case about teaching of creationism in Louisiana Schools. Law prohibited teaching of evolution. A man challenged the schools for teaching a theory which prohibited his religous beliefs.

Rights Involved-Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Congress shall make no law respecting or establishing a religion.

Decision- The court decided that teaching of creationism was clearly promoted y religion and therefore violated the establishment clause.

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Ruth Bader Ginburg

The first person to leave the court next in my opinion is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg is now 81 and a two time cancer survivor. She has had the most pressure to step down out of any other Justice. Also Ginsburg has gotten the most pressure from liberals to retire during president Obamas term.
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Stephen Breyer

Stephen Breyer has also gotten alot of pressure to step down. Most would assume the next president would be a democrate after the republicans gained the senate. Strategically it would be best for liberals if the justices stepped down now, giving a democratic president the power to step down
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The affect these two retiring would have on the U.S. depends solely on when it happens and who takes the next presidency. If the two were to retire right now they would both be replaced by democrat Justices. However they could risk it and wait and see if a democratic or republican takes the white house next. If a republican were to take office they would be replaced by a republican, but if a democrat were to take office they could be replaced by another democrat. The importance of these two postitions is the fact that these two hold the most power on the left of the supreme court.

Culture War

The culture war is the arguments and protests that take place 24/7. Whether the beliefs of a person stem from religion or personal experience. The fate of Americas whole belief is in the fate of the Justices. From Abortion to Gay marriage to Gun rights, the Justices use their knowledge of the constitution to lead America's culture down the path the constitution has set forth.