Planes Fly Into Twin Towers.

took a very long time to clean it up.

Twin Towers

On September 11, 2001, two hijacked airliners flew two planes into the Twin Towers. Another plane then hit at the pentagon in New York City, and another plane crashed in a field at Pennsylvania. There were many people in the towers, more on the higher floors. The attackers were Islamic terrorists from, Saudi Aurabia, and several other Arab nations. The world Trade Center collapsed in a horrific amount of dust. Millions of people watched what had happened. Firefighters got injured and even killed trying to help so many citizens. People were jumping off of the top floors, rather than burning to death. That’s the horrific tragedy of the Twin Towers.

Clean up of the Twin Towers, and Pentagon.

They couldn't begin to work on the clean up because of all the different gasses. They had to get different smoke detecters and everything. They also said that they thought the World Trade Centers would be up before the Pentagon. It took a long time to clean up the tragic mess of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. The people who risked there lives to save so many people, are so brave. I think all of them deserve a huge thanks.