Mendenhall Friday Flyer

Don't Believe Me? Just Watch.

Monday, Dec. 14th - Friday, Dec. 18th

What's Happening?

Monday, December 14th

Wear any holiday shirt w/Jeans

Staff - come early to the lounge for pancakes and bacon served by your principals!

Tuesday, December 15th

Wear any holiday shirt w/Jeans

Principal for the Day - Alex Bonar

Trading Post - Please bring your loot AND badge to shop

No 5th Grade PALs

4:00pm - Staff Holiday Party at Mena's Tex-Mex

Wednesday, December 16th

Wear any holiday shirt w/Jeans

Principal for the Day - Maria Morales

9:00AM - 10:15AM - Spelling Bee in Cafeteria

3:45PM - 4:30PM - Extended Planning for Grade Level Teams

4:00PM - 4:30PM - Baylor delivers Food 4 Kids

Thursday, December 17th

Wear any holiday shirt w/Jeans

10:30AM - 11:30AM - 5th Grade Singing for Community Center

1:30PM - 2:30PM - Winter Class Parties

Friday, December 18th

Wear Red Mendenhall Shirt (or any Red shirt if you don't have a red Mendenhall shirt) w/Jeans

Early Release @ Noon

Report Cards Go Home

8:00AM - Spirit Assembly


January 4 - PDH Day for Staff

January 5 - Students Return

January 11- 15 - College & Career Week

Staff Kudos

Rosie, Thank you so much for your constant reminders that help me in keeping up with all of our continuing education requirements. You are the best! ~Stacey

Connie Smith, Thank you for letting me borrow your personal copy of Petunia. You always go above and beyond to help me out which in turn benefits the children! ~Michelle Reid

Betsy Croslin, Thank you for your technology knowledge and for coming to my every beck and call. I seem to get myself in computer conundrums on a routine basis! You are the best. ~ Michelle Reid

Alex Droogsma, I enjoy being in your class this year for math support. Your genuine spirit and concern for student learning shows in all you do. You are a treasure who is wise beyond your years. ~ Michelle Reid

Kinder Team, Thank you so much for helping take care of my class the day that I had an accident. You are all exceptional!!! I am glad to be part of the team. ~ Elia Soto

Amanda Jackson, So glad you are at Mendenhall. My kiddos love your lessons and when you come to the classroom. You are great! ~ Courtney Brooks

Connie Smith, Thank you so much for always helping me pull books. I really appreciate it. ~ Courtney Brooks

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December Birthdays

December 6 - Bhavi Kapadia

December 7 - Denise Johnson

December 21 - Brittney Thompson

December 28 - Marilu Melgar

December 31 - Solange Patterson


Kid President Speaks from the Heart

Kid President Speaks From The Heart!