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Start shopping today! Just in time for Christmas! AND you can earn while you shop!

So ladies, this year Diane has decided to do an "online" show. Making any purchases on her link will help her to earn her hostess rewards (free jewelry credit and half off items) We have something for everyone, especially if you are holiday shopping! We are even going to have several new items launching on Thursday, December 4! (some of best sellers now available in silver, and some new jewels, a bag, and a scarf..think GREEN ) ALSO...and this is the best piece of information yet, from now until Monday, December 15th you can EARN Dot Dollars!! For every $50 you spend in retail, you will automatically earn $25 to spend on purchases of $50+ from December 30-January 7. Which you can use Diane's link AGAIN to help her earn hostess credits! How great is that? It's a win-win for all!

The picture above are the items that unlock exclusively to you this month once you spend $50 on Diane's trunk show link.

Diane's Trunk Show starting TODAY!

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 8pm

This is an online event.

Click the link above or copy into your browser to start shopping!!

Dot Dollars! Earn them until December 15!

Then spend them ($25 for every $50 purchase) If you would like me to place your order, I am just a phone call away! I can do it while on the phone with you! Please do not hesitate to call me with any orders or any questions :)

Stephanie 551-486-7923

Also, all purchases made up until December 21 are guaranteed to be shipped in time for Christmas! This includes personalization items as well!