K-12 mLearning Options

Journal Jar

What is it? This is an interactive app that allows students to shake it and get a topic to write about.

How can it be used? The random idea prompts give students the freedom of writing but have to write within that idea. A teacher could use this for a creative writing assignment. It promotes students to be able to think ahead and be creative because they are given with such a small idea to write about


What is it? VoiceThread is a web based program where images, video, documents, audio or text can be recorded and shared so others can comment and add.

How can it be used? Instead of written assignments, students can make audio presentations for reports. This is useful for students who have issues with writing and are better at getting thoughts across verbally. This tool can be used for almost any subject and allows students to be creative.


What it is? Polleverywhere is a live audience voting tool.

How can it be used? This tool allows teachers to get an idea of a students comprehension of a topic by asking a question and having the students respond. It gives students who don't like to engage in class discussion a voice. It can also be used to gather students opinions.