Mieka Schmitz


Volleyball takes a team of six players. Heather Schwarts, author of Girls' Volleyball, states that "one player serves the ball over the net" (7). Once the ball is over the net, the opposing team has to return the ball in no more than three hits (Schwartz 7). The goal of the two teams is to volley the ball until it goes outside the court lines or it hits the ground. The team that wins the volley or rally scores a point. You want to be the first team to 25 points to win the game. In order to win the match you need to win three of five games.


By 2016, in high school volleyball, volleyball jerseys will be required to be solid colored tops. If headbands are worn, they can be no wider than two inches, Undergarments, such as sports bras, must be a color that is incorporated with the school colors. Spandex is required, but does not have to be a specific length. Most coaches prefer spandex no shorter than four inches. Socks are not required, but coaches might make their players wear a certain type. Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.


In volleyball, spiking is very important. It collects the majority of points. In order to spike a ball you need to start with the approach. When doing the approach you begin with your dominant foot slightly forward. The next step is to take a big stride with your non-dominant foot, then take another stride with your dominant foot and land on both feet. The last step is to jump straight up with your arms above your head, then swing through. Make sure not to get caught in the net!


A volleyball court's out of bounds line measures sixty feet long by thirty feet wide (1). The center line of the court splits the court into two equal thirty foot squares.

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