GMF Poster

By Kim Reilly

Beneficial for Labeling GMF Article

"But the use of GM foods also raises many concerns, including unknown long-term health effects, increased risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria, increased use of pesticides, unknown toxins produced, unknown long-term environmental effects, genetic contamination of the environment, increased use of herbicides, risks to wildlife and insects, introduction of unknown allergens, spread of disease and pest resistance, herbicide tolerance in weeds, and risks to species diversity. Id. These long-term uncertainties are consumers' primary concerns with GM foods and the main drivers for consumers' labeling preferences. A mandatory labeling regimen would better inform consumers about the nature of food products and allow consumers to choose to have direct or indirect experience with GM foods."

Disadvantage for Labeling GMF Article

"A GMO labeling initiative on the 2012 ballot in California failed by 53 to 47 percent. Proponents of labeling spent $7.3 million; Big Ag and food processors spent $44 million."

Supporting Article

"Labeling GM foods is about much more than just food safety. It's about our right as consumers to know what we are eating. But labeling is also about how dominant we are going to allow Big Ag to become. Some of us don't want to eat GM foods or feed them to our livestock. Others push for labeling because we want to make sure our food policy isn't set by a handful of multinational corporations."

Genetically modified foods (or GM foods) are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering.

Benefits of GMF:

-Creating plants better resistant to weeds, pest and other diseases

-Bigger yields to create more efficient use of land, less uses of herbicides and other pesticides.

-Foods with better texture, flavor and nutritional value.

-Foods with a longer shelf life for easier shipping.

-GM foods can create an essential sustainable way to feed the world

Risks of GMF:

-long-term health effects like these can be caused

-Increased risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria

-Increased use of pesticides

-Unknown toxins produced

-Unknown long-term environmental effects

-Genetic contamination of the environment

-Increased use of herbicides

-Risks to wildlife and insects

-Introduction of unknown allergens

-Spread of disease and pest resistance

-Herbicide tolerance in weeds

-Risks to species diversity

My Opinion

In my opinion, I do thing that GMF should be labeled. The reason why I think this is because a lot of people like to eat/use healthy, natural food products, and when there are no labels on the GMF products then how are they supposed to know if they can buy it or not. Also if someone doesn't feel safe or it can be harmed by these modifications on these products and someone were to eat then, it could cause a huge disaster.