Black Sand Beach Hawaiian Island

By Julia Krouse

Beach Name

I have chosen Black Sand Beach.


  • Country of USA
  • Continent middle of the plate
  • latitude 19.1358 North
  • longitude 155.5048 W

Active or Passive?

Hawaii is an active spot, it it located on a hot spot with a lot of activity coming from the island.

Primary or Secondary?

It is a Primary coast because it is created by land forces such as the volcano's around the island and the hot spot it is located on.

Emergent or Submergent?

This coast is a emergent beach. It has risen above sea level from all the volcanic activity and lava that helped build up these islands.

Sand Color and Orgin

The sand color is pretty obvious considering this is called the Black Sand Beach, and the sand is a deposit of lava and Basalt, which is a dark-colored, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals.


This beach is known for the dark colored sand, and the beautiful clear water. Also the huge green sea turtles. The beautiful palm trees basking along the beach.
Big image

The beautiful palm trees along the beach