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Attic & room conversions in Sydney offer complete package of ‘concept to completion’ we can be engaged at any stage of a project that a client requires assistance. As attic conversions are still considered a niche’ in the building industry we are often contacted by those who have had their projects stall due to lack of expertise in the numerous areas of compliance. Our reputation for quality and service has been earned over many years through our ability to successfully complete our projects on time and on budget. This has been achieved through our sound knowledge of design, planning requirements, construction methods and our high ethical standards. The roof space in most houses is ready-made for converting into either extra living or storage space. Most attic and room conversions in Sydney involve adding skylights, insulation, floors and a dormer window. Maintaining natural ventilation is important and roof lines can be raised to accommodate the tallest members of the household. If you’re just looking at using the space for storage, it’s a lot easier and something you can possibly tackle yourself. You may get by with cutting a hole for a pull-down ladder and some basic flooring, depending on what you want to store up there.

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