Grizzly Gazette

April 11th, 2021

Principal's Message

We are well on our way through April. I hope you enjoyed spring break and a chance to catch your breathe before we enter the final months of this school year. Kathy and I spent the week in Spokane taking care of our granddaughter. We had a great time!

The weather this week looks fantastic, so hopefully spring has sprung!! Sunshine is always good for the soul. It seems to give everyone a lift. We also continue our focus on Character Strong traits and this month's trait is honesty.

I remember a time when I was walking home from school with a friend. I was in third or fourth grade. We decided to throw some rocks onto a roof of a house that sat down off the street. One of my throws didn't make it on the roof, but instead we heard a crash. We took off and beat feet home.

I had always been honest as a kid. Our parents had a few rules for my sister and me:

1. Treat mom with kindness and respect (This was my dad's rule and I'm thankful for it).

2. No swearing.

3. No lying.

So when I got home, I told my mom right away, although she wouldn't have known had I not confessed. To me, that would have been lying. She marched me down the five or so blocks to the house and we knocked on the door. It seemed like we waited forever after knocking. No one answered and looking around, we could not see any broken windows or anything broken for that matter. I was so relieved.

As the saying goes, "Honesty is the Best Policy." Even though nothing was broken that day, I felt better about telling my mom the truth than I did not breaking anything. I also learned throwing rocks at a house roof is not a good thing to do. Take care.


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