Nicks Crazy Poems

By: Nick

Home- Personification

I look at the dancing stars,

They guide me to the beach,

Past the crackling fire throwing ashes left and right,

Its 9:00 in the night,

I finally reach the sea and it says welcome home.

Vampire Jud- Couplet

I ran into the vapire Jud,

He said vast now I shall suck your blood,

Then he drank my blood with a spoon,

Then threw me to the moon.


I was running til I hit the door,

Then I woke up on the floor,

An oaf fell on me flat,

My body went splat.

Disappearing Man-Couplet

I ran and saw a man,

Then I turned around and he hit me with a pan,

He put me in the ham,

And covered me with spam,

He ate me,

I was thinking I hate me

The Old Vampire-Limerick

There was an old vampire he told me to run,

He turned and said to his wife darling I saw someone,

He told me not to worry,

Because my vision is blurry,

He said darling we are going to have alot of fun.


Nicks noodles are never new in New York,

Nothing is new in New York,

Not even neon noodles.

Practice-Similies and Metaphors

Thursday at practice I shoot as good as a pro,

My friends are so fast they are professionals,

My friends shoot okay but not as good,

Our team is great at dribbling,

We had me at point and the best gaurders on the trap defense,

I broke threw them every time execpt twice,

My team has to work hard every practice,

My coach is a good coach he plays everybody,

BUt this year he plays by skill,

You cant mess around,

With my new form and ball I am ready for the season.

Worried Vampire-Haiku

The vampire cried,

He wanted to hide in the hay,

He said go away.