Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of May 2nd

ABC Countdown For the Week

Class behavior last week was much better! lets keep up the good work! Here is the countdown schedule for this week:

Monday- Finger Painting Day (we'll do a fun activity at the end of the day)

Tuesday- Game Day (students can bring in a favorite game to play. NO ELECTRONICS PLEASE!)

Wednesday- Hat Day (Students can wear a hat today)

Thursday- Ice Cream Day (we'll have an ice cream treat today. A frozen fruit bar option will be available if your student has dairy restrictions.)

Friday- Joke Day (bring in one funny joke to share with the class)

Things to Remember...

This week we will complete our final MAP testing for the year. Our class will go to the computer lab on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. Please make sure that your student has a good breakfast, is well rested, and at school/on time on these days. We also need to impress upon them the importance of going slowly and doing their very best. Unfortunately, for computer based tests, it is easy to "zone out" or click through the questions without reading or listening to them. There is no prize for finishing first!

This week we will learn...

LANGUAGE ARTS- Fantasy and Fables

No more spelling tests; we will be focusing on phonics practice instead.

MATH- Review of first grade concepts

SCIENCE- STEMScopes, Plant Parts

SOCIAL STUDIES- Studies Weekly, Week 12, Maps

Enjoy your weekend!