West Indies

By: Monse Carbajal

When did the West Indies come to the United States?

Many immigrants arrived between 1930 and 1965.
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Why ?

Many migrants come to the United States with the American dream : to have a better life and provide a better future for everyone they love. Also many left for political reasons for examples Cubans. Fidel took over Cuba causing many people to migrate to the United States.

How do they get here ?

Many migrants travel in boats to reach the United states
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Laws & Policies

In 1924, their was an act called The Immigration act of 1924. Which allowed a certain amount of immigrants to come in the U.S. The 1917 act said that people older than 16 year old had to take a literacy test to demonstrate their reading comprehension skills.

How many and Where

Many people from the west indies came together. About an estimate about 140,00 people came about 1980's and most went to Florida or New York.
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  • 25% of all businesses owned in Miami are Cuban owned.
  • Believe in good educational value


  • Some worked in transport jobs
  • personal service industry
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