Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter September 28-October 2

Important Dates

September 28 District In-Service @ ESHS "Transforming Teaching and Learning"

September 29 Building In-Service @ Lewis "Digital Communications and Resources for Parents"

September 30 PDPs due online

September 30 Operation School Bell, Round 2

September 30 Birthday Luncheon

October 1 Pathways Training (Cindi, Kerra, Lisa)

October 1 Team Meetings-Math Data (CFAs, Acuity)

October 2 Fundraiser Assembly 9:00am

October 2 Homecoming (1:35 student dismissal)

Leave Forms and AESOP

Reminders to fill out a Leave Request BEFORE your leave, unless you are sick and then fill it out as soon as you are back.

AESOP should also be filled out before the leave.

If the absence (of any kind) is multiple days, please fill out BOTH forms with a SEPARATE entry for each day. We need to do this in order to search for a sub and also record who the sub was.

Professional Development Plans Due!

Be sure to get your PDP entered online (up through the pre-approval stage). I will begin looking these over during the weekend of Sept. 26-27. Everyone needs their plan online by Sept. 30. Purple ticket opportunity for getting it online ON TIME. I can be available on Wednesday if anyone needs help. Just let me know.

Science Kit Update

I guess the company has had some trouble getting all the supplies needed for the kit for each grade level. Last word I heard was "should be arriving by the end of next week" (meaning Oct. 2). Fingers crossed. I am anxious to see some science lessons!


Character trait for October: INTEGRITY...doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. But someone might just be watching. I think this video would be good for at least 3rd-5th showing them how kindness spreads. Purple ticket opportunity-share one other video or resource for teaching the character trait INTEGRITY. Email the link or idea to all staff for your purple ticket credit!
Video that will change your life. I have no words left.

Pride Time for Response to Intervention

We began making plans for our RtI program this year. We distributed lists of the Tier 2/Tier 3 pull-out groups to grade level teachers this week. Grade levels began planning for Tier 1 "intervention" during team meetings. Preparations will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. Training for interventionists will be conducted by Christy, Courtney, Renee, and Shaun during the week of Oct. 5-9. We will plan to start our 8:50-9:20 Pride Time intervention on October 12.

All Tiers Kindergarten - Continuing with Pathways lessons for additional exposure to letters, sounds, and phonemic awareness

Tier 1 1st Grade - Targeted Pathways and Reading Strategy lessons, based on data

Tier 1 2nd Grade - Targeted Pathways lessons and PALS Reading

Tier 1 3rd Grade - Targeted Reading M,T,W (based on Acuity data); Targeted Math TH,F (based on Acuity data)

Tier 1 4th Grade - Targeted Reading M,T,W (based on Acuity data); Targeted Math TH,F (based on Acuity data)

Tier 1 5th Grade - Targeted Reading M,T,W (based on Acuity data); Targeted Math TH,F (based on Acuity data)

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