Talley Street Update

May 21, 2020

Yearbook Distribution Update

School yearbooks will be available to pick up on Monday, June 1, for 3rd and 4th grade students--see Monday's eblast for details on pickup and dropoff of school and student materials.

5th graders' yearbooks will be delivered tomorrow, May 22, when Talley's faculty and staff deliver certificates and yard signs to honor our 5th grade students as they leave to go to Renfroe Middle School. The deliveries will be happening in the 10:00 hour for the Clairemont zone, 11:30 for the Glennwood zone, and 1:00 for the Winnona Park zone.

Thank you,



Billy Heaton

Principal, Talley Street Upper Elementary School

City Schools of Decatur

Important Dates

Last Day of School: May 22

Dropoff and Pickup of Materials: June 1

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