Pay it Forward!

Act of kindness

Pay it Forward!

Pay it Forward

By Haley R Munn

I think it would cool if one person could be nice and then the person you were nice too they will be nice to another person and then all people in the world will be nice. This is something I am going to do the thing I am going to do is well my brother is in the army and you are thinking he works with guns no he just shouts target.I am going to send 1 dollar to the army went I white to my brother.

Another thing I did is we have a tutor and when we are doing math I put on my board when I am done I put you rock and you are awesome! He smiles at me it makes me feel good.

And one more thing every day I tell Emily she is my best friend it makes her feel good can tell.I give her a hug every day. Now that I have be nice to Emily now she will be nice to another person.That also makes me feel good.

I hope this story makes you be nice to people.Give free hugs and help other people with things and everyone Pay It Forward!
Kindness (Pay it Forward)