Texas peace


There is a war in Texas called archives war!

There is a war called a archives war!Try to find somewhere to hide,get your child!

It starts at march in 1842!

A crazy war going on,It is called the Archives war it started when a division of the Mexican army under Gen.Rafael Vasquez appeared at San Antonio demanding the surrender of the town.On march 10 Sam Houston called an emergency session of Texas congress.Fearing that the Mexicans would move on Austin.The Austin vigilantes were unprepared for the raid,and the rangers loaded the archives in the wagon and drove away,but not before Mrs.Angelia Eberly she said ''FIRE''!When the canon hit one of them.

Look for more information at..www.newspaperofTexas.com

Why is Mexico so mean to us?

We don't really know why but we think that we are still part of mexico or want us to still be in Mexico.

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