The Russian Night Witches

By: Mikayla Halsdorf 7

Introduction to the 588th Regiment

In 1941, Marina Raskova was asked to create a team of female pilots that would fly during the night to attack the Nazis by bombing. They would later be called by the Nazis the " Night Witches " or " Nachthexen. " They're a fearless group who should be remembered forever for their amazing amount of courage and help in world war 2.


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How Russia Became Involved with World War 2

Stalin (leader of Russia) and Hitler were so called "friends." They made a pact and Hitler said that he wouldn't invade the soviet union which included Russia but he later broke the pact and did in fact invade the soviet union. Hitler had a vision to build an empire so I guess he decided Russia wouldn't be apart of that.


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The picture above is the planes that they would ride on their missions.

These planes were wooden and they could only carry 6 bombs each time. So what the pilots had to be really fast and come back to get reloaded each time. Over 23,000 planes were flown and had dropped 3,000 tons of bombs. Each member had gone on 800 or more missions but sadly some had also died.

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The Night witches trailer
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1. A movie was made about them called : Night Witches In The Sky

2. A book was also made about them called : Night Witches: The Untold Story of Soviet Women in Combat

3. Women pilots earned a lot more respect because of what these women did for Russia.

4. The leader of the night witches was Major Yevdokia Bershanskaya

5. 23 members of the 588th regiment have been awarded hero of the soviet union


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The Night Witches are such an important role in world war 2. They helped show how strong women truly can be and helped conquer the Nazis with their bombing attacks. They were a brave group that even Germany feared. The women in the 588th will always be remembered as true heroes.

If you would like further information about the Night Witches there are links below about how war was declared and about what they went through at flight school, or any other questions you might have about these women.