The Digestive System

The digestive system changes food so your body can use it.

The Function

Digestion changes your food before your body can use it. Then it breaks it down to nutrients. The nutrients help your body keep working.

Our organs

Our organs are the tongue,esophagus,stomach,liver,large intestine,pancreas,small intestine,rectum,anus


That if your stress your blood will stop. The system works with circulatory system for the nutrients and it works with the nervous system to tell it to go down and how to get it throw the digestive system. It works with the muscular system to push throw the large intestine.


You should eat healthy so your digestive system is healthy too. If you eat to much you will get lots of fat. If you don't eat lots you will get lots of fat too. If you do not eat a lot it is also unhealthy. Lots of exercise like sports or running and drinking lots of water and not pop or sweet drinks is healthy.