8 Aspects of Religion

The purpose and meaning of Beliefs

The Belief of a religion is the core of any religion as mostly everything somehow relates back to the belief. The beliefs of an religion can be scientifically proven to be true or false some examples include,

Christian: One God

Islam: Allah

Jewish: One God

and many others.

What is the menaing and purpose of Myths and other stories?

Myths and stories are false or true happenings that are told in purpose of giving a meaning or message. For example

Christian: Noah's ark and Garden of Eden.

Islam: The patient old man and The emperor and the seed.

Buddhism: Larger Sutra part 1 & 2.

Hinduism: The girl in the forest and Nandi.

Sikh: Guru Tegh Bahador and the magical Island, and The Greatest super power.

Jewish: Mose's and his healing snake and Witches and Ghosts.

And many others.

The purpose and meaning of rituals.

Rituals in a religion are traditions passed on for many years. When performing the rituals it shows not only respect but makes people feel part of a religion, for example

Buddism: Meditation and Mudras.

Hinduism: Brahmacharga and sanngasu.

Christian: 7 sacraments.

Jewish: The 613 commandments.

The purpose and meaning of Sacred Texts

Sacred texts are very important to any religion because not only are they holy but, this is where most of traditions come from. examples of sacred texts.

Jewish: Torah

Christian: The Bible

Hinduism: Hindu texts

Buddhism: Buddhist texts

Islam: Quran

Sikh: Banis

Purpose and Meaning of Symbols.

The Symbols are made for the purpose of representing something through image. for example:

Jewish: Menorah (temple) symbolizes the ideal of universal enlightenment.

Buddhism: Zen circle which represents the whole universe in one single stroke.

Christian: Six point star which represents the six days of creation.

Meaning and purpose of codes of behavior.

The meaning and purpose of codes and Behavior is to have guidelines on peoples lifestyle within religious tradition some example include the following:

Jewish: Turah-laws

Cristian: Jesus Christ said “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” (Matthew 7:12) this is one of the main codes of ethics in the Christian religion

Buddhism: Five precepts

Sikh: Sikh Reht Maryada

Meaning and purpose of social structure

Social structure Is the order of peoples importance in a religion for example the following picture.

Meaning and purpose of religious experience

Religious experiences is when a believer has a spiritual moment and uses this to help them to further understand close beliefs with tradition.